This ain’t no long haul across Hwy 80.

Start points all over the USA lead your local pack to Valkyrie Run’s main route. You’ll link up with our larger caravan, then on to rad roads and much stoke. A detailed route book keeps the pace on point.

The nature of this beast requires we put in a ton of miles through Transit Sections. But we’ll also keep things spicy with Special Stages to put smiles on faces. Think epic and historic, like Pike’s Peak and The Tail of the Dragon.

Combined, they’ll make an endurance rally of up to seven (depending on starting point) 500-mile stages from the West Coast to the Mid-Atlantic. We’ll also pepper our route with food stops and roadside attractions.

A Driver’s Meeting kicks off each morning to focus on safety and etiquette, the day’s route, and recap lessons learned from the road. We’ll introduce regions who just joined the pack and slurp down inappropriate amounts of coffee.

A celebratory dinner in Durham, NC, caps off the experience and helps us transition to Luft-mode. We’ll give special attention to thanking our partners and hand out nutty awards to those who deserve ‘em.

Here’s a map of Regional Start Points. Meet-up times and locations are detailed in your Route Book.

Don’t see a city listed near you? Drop us a line, we’ll make it happen.