Q: I have a sweet LTD Country Squire wagon that eats up the road. Can I bring it along?

A: Sorry Griswold, we love your enthusiasm but this is an air-cooled Porsche drive.

Q: Does my Rally Pack include entrance into Luft 7 for me and/or my car?

A: No but it’ll get you close enough to look over the fence.

Q: Can my town be a Regional Start Point?

A: I mean… it’s your regional start point? In all seriousness, register ASAP. Once registration closes we’ll connect you with other drivers in your region so y’all can make plans on how to connect up with the caravan along the Main Route.

Q: Do I have to drive to get all the sweet sweet swag y’all are making?

A: Route Books will be shipped in advance. The rest of your loot is on the Support Van. And it’s headed east.

Q: I’m joining the pack late. Can I get a discount?

A: Negative. The Rally Pack is the same wherever you start.

Q: My therapist says I should go but I’m kind of on the fence.

A: Hotels are going quick! Book with late check-in times, just in case. Also, book your Durham hotels now. Sorry, that didn’t really answer your question. Yes you should go.

Q: Shit. I’m having second thoughts.

A: Listen. In light of coronavirus developments that’s totally understandable. Let us know by April 30 and we’ll kick you back a 90% refund.

Q: Wait. Did I hear you say I can’t buy tickets to Luft 7 from Valkyrie Run?

A: You did indeed. Tickets for Luft 7 will be available directly from Luftgekühlt, when they’re good and ready to put them on sale. See our Rally Packs to find out what we're offering.